Wayne Rooney believes Alejandro Carnacho Manchester United best player

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Wayne Rooney believes Alejandro Carnacho is Manchester Unitedbest player this season.

  • Rooney encourages the Argentine forward line to improve their performance even further.
  • Carnacho called two penalties as United beat Everton 2-0 on Saturday.

Wayne Rooney believes Alejandro Carnacho is Manchester United ‘s best player this season but has urged the Argentine forward to step up his performance. Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford converted penalties won by Garnacho to give Man Utd a long-awaited โปรโมชั่น ufabet return to winning ways at Old Trafford.

It was the teenage winger himself though who earned the Player of the Match award

“I think you see that a lot with young players. When they get the ball. They are always approaching. But it worked so well for him that Godfrey often lost his cool and conceded a penalty. But for me today, Carnacho is the guy. Who made everything happen.

“He is the best player on the field. His tenacity off the ball is outstanding. He was never afraid to give it his all.”

“He will make mistakes. But every player is like that. Especially at his age he is still learning And all he has is drive and hunger. This is what fans want to see in every player. So I’ve been really impressed with him this season and he’s going to be a great talent in the future.”

“I think his performance will improve. He has the ability to do that. Hopefully in the next few years We will see more of these. But he might be Manchester United’s best player this season.”

Carnacho played a key role in helping United beat Everton 2-0 on Saturday. Both penalties were call for Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford to score a goal each. With inconsistency from the likes of Rashford and Antony, not to mention Erik ten Hag falling out with Jadon Sancho, the wide areas have been a problem for Man Utd at times this season. But Garnacho’s progress has been encouraging.