Arsenal took the lead before losing 1-2 to Lens.

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Arsenal suffered many losses, losing 1-2 to Lens in the game they took the lead first. And also losing Bukayo Saka a talented winger, who was injured again.

Arsenal has Bukayo Saka fit to start in attack alongside Gabriel Jesus and Leandro Trossar. While the locals at Lens have Ely Wai as their support hope for the front line. 

The game started in the 5th minute. Lens had the first chance when Kevin Danso got a chance to rest his chest with his left shot in the penalty area. UFABET But the ball hit the back post in a thrilling way.

But it was Arsenal who took the lead 1-0 in the 14th minute. Bukayo Saka passed it to Gabriel Jesus, who rocked and found a gap. Before hitting with his right hand in the penalty area and sending the ball through Breeze’s hands Zomba enters.

The Gunners had another chance in the 21st minute when Martin Odegaard dropped Kai Havertz for a half-volley in the penalty area.

Lille tied the score 1-1 in the 25th minute. David Raya didn’t clear the ball well and got stuck on a Lens player before Ely Wai was able to rest his chest before bouncing the ball to Adrien Tomasson. Run and shoot with the right, sending the ball curve out of David Raya’s hand and into the far post beautifully.

In the 34th minute.

Arsenal had to make their first substitution when Bukayo Saka, who had just recovered from his injury, returned. Injured again until unable to continue playing and had to send Fabio Vieira to play instead. After that, the first half ended tied 1-1. 

In the second half, in the 64th minute, Lens should have overtaken the lead when Adrien Tomasson slipped into the penalty area on the right side before turning for Salis Abdul Samed to shoot from the right, but the ball grazed the first post. Leave behind.

Lens turned the lead 2-1 in the 70th minute. Permyslav Frankovski came up on the right side of the game before launching the ball into the middle to Eli Vai, shooting with his right near the penalty spot and sending the ball through his hands. Raya hits the far post.

After that, Arsenal were unable to equalize, leading to Lens winning 2-1. Lens therefore had 4 points ahead of the group, while Arsenal had the same 3 points.